Some Major Features of VoIP Home Phones


VoIP, or Voice over IP, is a term you've probably come across before. VoIP home phones are quickly becoming popular because they provide many advantages. For example, VoIP uses fewer internet resources versus traditional phone plans and does not require any cables to be plugged into your phone jack or wall. Of course, there are other benefits, but this blog post will cover the basics of what you need to know about choosing a virtual office phone service.

You can choose from many plans to get a voip home phone. However, you'll want to decide on the most important features to you so that you don't end up paying for features that aren't useful for your needs. Some of the more popular features are mentioned below for your understanding.

  • Record Conversations –

One of the most valuable features that you can have with a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) connection is recording phone conversations. This feature is usually available for free, and it allows you to record incoming calls. It also lets you leave messages for callers if they're not around when your phone rings. You can use these voice messages to forward important messages to others or use them as a reminder of something that you or someone else said. You can even add music to your message and send it a voicemail greeting.


  • Block Unwanted Calls –

Another feature that is free on most voip home services is blocking unwanted callers. If you're answering your home phone and don't like who's calling, you can pick up the handset and ask to be put through to voicemail. It will keep out all future calls until the caller gives you a satisfactory reason for calling. Some VoIP systems have a feature that lets you pick several days or weeks when your caller will be blocked from calling again (e.g., one hour, one day).


  • Call Forwarding –

VoIP home phones usually have a feature that allows you to forward a call or answer the outgoing call and put it on hold instead. It is helpful if you don't want to be interrupted when someone calls, but you want the call to go straight through to another phone. For example, if your phone rings and you're in the middle of something, you can answer it, but the call is on hold for an allotted length of time, and then take care of business without having to worry about getting caught in another conversation.


  • Call Waiting –

Call Waiting is another feature that is available with VoIP home phones. If you're already on the phone and someone else calls, the Call Waiting feature will let you know you have a second call. You can choose to answer or ignore the incoming call. Call Forwarding and Call Waiting are essential features that you should consider having with your VoIP home phone. Many VoIP home phones do not offer them if you don't have these options.

By considering the above points, you can enhance your knowledge about the major features of voip home phone service provider which will be very beneficial for you. Make sure you will stay focused for having a better understanding,